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First School of the Deaf 1891
on NMSD campus

Third school building, the 18-room home and
school building was built in 1891 during Larson's
era. It cost $5,000 paid  for by Mr. Larson. When
a new red brick school was built, it became a trade
shop from 1905 until 1916. It was built where
Cartwright Hall is now located. Then it was
demolished to make room for the new girls' dorm,
Cartwright Hall.

Red Brick School 1905

The fourth red brick school building was erected
in 1901. It took four years to build at a cost of
$18,000. It was completed in 1905 but it was not
in operation until 1906. Mr. Larson took over the
operation of the new building for only one year.  
That building consisted of bedrooms for the older
boys on the top floor and in the middle floor was
used for classrooms and Superinendent's office, In
the basement, it was a vocational department. It
became classrooms building after Connor Hall,
the boys' dorm, was built in 1928. It was
domolished in 1936 after the fifth school building
was erected.

Lars M Larson

Lars M Larson, the founder of the first private
school for the deaf in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
After his work with the state government, he
finally got a state operated school established for
the deaf children of New Mexico. It was at one
time a school for the deaf and blind children. He
was in charge of the school program for 19 years.

New & Revised Roadrunner Logo

The new and revised NMSD Roadrunners

Dillon Hall 1936

The fifth school building was built in 1936.
It was named Dillon Hall in honor of Dr.
Thomas Dillon in 1982 who was the first
deaf principal from 1940 to 1975.

Alumni Memorial Plaza 1987

Richard Pearson and Forrest McKinley
designed the Alumni Memorial Plaza.
Inside the platform is the storage of two
time capsules to be opened in 2087. It is
located where the red brick school was.
Some of the bricks were found underneath
and used as part of decoration on the

Connor Hall 1928

Connor Hall was a boys' dorm built in
1928 in honor of Mr. W.O. Connor who
was the second Superintendent for 34
years, 1906 to 1944. The building is
being renovated as the school's new
Technical and Career Education

Cartwright Hall 1916

Cartwright Hall was erected in 1916. The style of
the building is called Spanish Pueblo Revival. It
was and is the most beautiful building on the
campus. It was used as bedrooms for little boys on
the top floor while the middle was used for the
girls' bedrooms. The basement was occupied by a
kitchen and a dining room. Then it became a
girls' dormitory in 1936 after Connor Hall, Boys'
dorm and dining hall were built.

Hester Hall 1965

The Hester Hall, the preschool department, was
added to the campus in 1965 in honor of Dr.
Marshall Hester, the third Superintendent. It was
demolished in 2009. The new Hester Hall was
built next to Connor Hall in 2007.

James A Little Theatre 1982

The James A. Little theatre, the most beautiful
and unique building ever building on our
campus, named for James A Little who was the
fourth Superintendent of NMSD for 20 years in
1982. It is now in use for school and the public...
The best theatre ever built in Santa Fe.

Lars Larson Activity Center 2006

The Larson Recreation Center was added
to the Larson original gym, which was
built in 1970's. It was built to give special
recognition to Larson for his work.
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